Cycling network in the city

A more walkable and bike friendly civic district is in the plan. Two of Bencoolen Street’s four original car lanes have been converted into footpaths for pedestrians and a cycling path. Sheltered linkways now connect bus stops and the Bras Basah MRT station to nearby developments such as Manulife Centre and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa).

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Marina Bay – now and then

It is amazing to see how the Marina Bay is transformed in just 16 years. Clearly, there were no Marina Bay Sands, MBFC or The Sail back then in year 2000. Esplanade Drive (the bridge) and Esplanade (the durian) were not there too.

Marina Bay then.jpg

Photos courtesy of Boredpanda

Walking in the city

Did you know?

The biggest underground pedestrian network in Singapore is at Raffles Place MRT Station. There are a total of 19 buildings including The Sail, connected to the Raffles Place underground network. The Raffles Place underground network is set to grow even further in future, connecting the current network to Marina Bay Sands at the Bayfront and also the future Marina South.

This will make Marina Bay one of the most walk-able city on a global stage.

Marina Bay Underground.jpg

underground pedestrian network – source: URA

Marina Bay Underground Pedestrian Network

the current underground network is set to grow

Source: URA

Tanjong Pagar

Rejuvenating Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar – photo courtesy of

I like this photo of Tanjong Pagar Port – courtesy of Look at how much prime land the current port of Tanjong Pagar is occupying. Imagine how much land we could free up when the port is moved out.

The port is slated to move to Tuas to make way for future development of the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The new waterfront is 3 times bigger than the existing Marina Bay. HDB flats is expected to be integrated in this new prime area.

Exciting times ahead!

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The Changing face of Tanjong Pagar

Central Boulevard site for public tender

URA will release a 99-year leasehold site at Central Boulevard for public tender following a successful application from a developer. The developer is committed to bid at a price of not less than $1.54 billion in the tender, which works out to $1,010 psf per plot ratio. The white Land_Parcel13site is on the reserved-list of 2H2016 Government Land Sales programme. URA will announce the launch of the public tender for the site later this month.

With a land area of about 1.1 ha, the site will have a maximum permissible gross floor area of 141,294 square metres of which at least 100,000 square metres is for office use.

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