China calling the shots

China is building its way to displace the US when it comes to global leadership. The latest major step is the “Belt and Road” initiative, which officially kicked off this week, aimed at building infrastructure to connect China to a range of Asian countries.┬áIt’s based on the old Silk Road, overland from China to Europe, and on ancient maritime trade routes that run to Africa and Europe. Continue reading


Forest City – yet another China’s mega project in Malaysia

Touted as the next Shenzhen, Forest City is located just across the north western tip of Singapore. It is part of the ongoing Iskandar development in Johor, Malaysia.

The scale of the mega project is mind boggling. Forest City will house 700,000 people on reclaimed land, with a land size 4 times the size of New York’s Central Park. Forest City is a joint venture between China and Malaysia with a cost of $100 Billion to build. The China developer is Country Country which has a track record in Malaysia incuding Danga Bay, another mega project in Iskandar.


The size of Forest City is 4 times the size New York’s Central Park


Iskandar is 3 times the size of Singapore



Melaka Gateway – a threat to Singapore Port?

Melaka Gateway is joint venture between Malaysia and China. The multi billion dollars harbour in Malacca is developed with an objective to overtake Singapore as the largest port in the region. The new deep sea port is planned in Pulau Melaka, due for completion in 2019. The Melaka Gateway Project is slated to be complete in 2025 while the deepsea port is scheduled for completion six years earlier, in 2019.

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